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Servicing fresh and saltwater aquariums of all sizes, with plans made to match your aquarium needs. Fish Perfect believes in taking the time to get the job done right and leaving you feeling like your aquarium is the best that it can be. With over thirty years of aquarium experience, we're here to make your aquatic dreams a reality.

Fish Perfect is proud to provide the latest and best in aquarium products from Fritz Aquatics, ME CoralPiscine Energetics, Reef Nutrition and Hydrospace Microbial Products.

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Check out our founder's story as featured in Business Insider! 

Why Choose Fish Perfect Professional Aquarium Service?

Fish Perfect provides professional aquarium service for every kind of aquarium. Unlike the other guys, Fish Perfect clients receive complimentary water testing and saltwater aquarium clients receive the cleanest possible water (0 TDS) mixed to perfect salinity and batch tested. Fish Perfect has years of professional experience building and servicing all kinds of aquariums.

No rushing, no unexpected labor costs.

We believe in taking the time to get the job done right. 

We share paperless notes and instructions after every visit, and are happy to answer any questions you may have and train you on aquarium maintenance if asked. We will provide livestock, equipment, and chemicals as needed.

All service clients receive on-call help and support and no-cost emergency visits as needed.

We're here to see your tank succeed!


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Hours: 8 AM - 6 PM, Mon-Sat

Fish Perfect services aquariums in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Berthoud, Longmont, Laporte, Wellington, and Cheyenne.

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About Fish Perfect

Fish Perfect is experienced in aquarium installation, regular tank maintenance, algae remediation, aquarium moves, and tank tear-downs.

We understand every tank is unique. That's why Fish Perfect offers service plans based on your tank's size, style, and frequency of service.  Fish Perfect has the experience and expertise to service aquariums of all types and sizes. Multiple tank discounts are available.

Fish Perfect works to open a dialog and establish expectations. We will listen to your concerns, requests, and goals and work to satisfy them.  That's the Fish Perfect guarantee.

Fish Perfect was founded by Adison Landon in May of 2022. Prior to this, Adison serviced aquariums professionally at a local fish store for over two years. Adison has been keeping aquariums since childhood. Her passion is aquascaping, designing tanks that reflect a creative and naturalistic vision. 

Raised on a farm, Adison believes in hard work, honesty, and community. 

Like chores, an aquarium is never "finished" but through persistent effort it can be perfected. 

Fish Perfect LLC is licensed and insured.

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